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Wer bist denn du? Eine sportlich-fotografische Jugendbegegnung



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Reinhold-Becker-Strasse 5, 01277 Dresden

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Dům dětí a mládeže a Zařízení pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků Ústí nad Labem
Velká Hradebni, 40001 Ústí nad Labem


01.02.21 - 31.10.21


8849,17 Euro


Who are you? will be the cross-sectional question that will weave its way through the entire Czech-German encounter week. A question that can and should keep an eye on aspects of identity, curiosity, peculiarities and also the desire for an exchange. As part of the encounter, Czech and German young people will have the opportunity to ask themselves about the two approaches sport and photography. Who are you? and dedicate them to their facets. Offers that are more strongly guided and accompanied alternate with ones that can be chosen and freely designed. The central objective of this encounter project is to get to know yourself a little better in new situations through the open and free offers, to experience other people across language barriers in different facets and also to accept joint activities and to try something new. The overarching goals of the project are to perceive diversity and plurality as the reality of our life that surrounds us and, by dealing with individual aspects, to develop a stronger inter- and transcultural sensitivity, to expand one's own foreign language skills, to acquire concrete knowledge on the topic, more specifically Dealing with photography. Accompanied by a professional photographer, the young people learn through inputs on the technical basis of photography, through picture discussions, reflections and individual tasks to sharpen their eyes on moments, surroundings and situations. In this artistic offer, in which all participants, divided into smaller groups, can take part, besides trying out single-lens reflex technology, the main aim is to make the central question of the encounter visible creatively and in their own way. The guided exchange in small groups supports you in finding and implementing a personal approach. Furthermore, there are also guided sporting offers. Both classic and unknown sports play a role here. The aim here is not only to support the classic workout but also to support the communicative common ground in internationally mixed teams.

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Ergebnisse, Mehrwert, Nachhaltigkeit

In the end, in addition to the shared experiences, photographic evidence of special moments, memories and results of reflective processes of the encounter are created. Following the encounter, these photos can also be exhibited or presented to others in the respective contexts of the young people in their home regions. All young people will receive a selection of their photos at their disposal during the encounter. Individual photographs are also edited by the photographer afterwards and then made available to the participants. During the encounter there will be the opportunity to create an individual photo album from natural materials in a workshop in order to give the results of your (own) photographic work the right storage space. The album also serves as a reminder of the mutual international encounter. In the best case, we improve the acceptance of the other in the neighboring country through the concrete contacts between people from the Czech Republic and Germany, possibly arouse curiosity about the region behind the mountains - because I know people there and thus generate interest or increased attention Topics about the neighboring country / region. Since we are dealing with new partnerships in this project context, this summer meeting can and should also serve to try out these collaborations and, in the best case scenario, help to enable further joint Czech-German collaborations and projects based on them.

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