Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Komm zum Sport – Hockey 2020/2021



Lead Partner:

Stadt Sebnitz
Kirchstraße 5, 01855 Sebnitz

Project partner:

Město Dolní Poustevna
Vilémovska 22, 40782 Dolní Poustevna


19.10.20 - 30.06.22


9.447,71 Euro


The project "Come to Sport - Sport 2020/2021" is a joint project of the cities of Sebnitz and Dolní Poustevna and builds on the successful projects from previous years (Sport-united, eu 2019/2020 and It is about joint sports training for Czech and German participants. The city of Dolní Poustevna is our project partner. The aim of the project is to practice recreational and competitive sports across borders. The sporting activities take place both in summer (floorball, floorball, basketball and running training) and in winter (figure skating and ice hockey training). The project is already in its twelfth season and as a result of the positive feedback from previous years, all age groups, not only children and young people, but also adults are included again. The project has a positive effect on the dismantling of language barriers and the large district town of Sebnitz continues to intensify the cooperation with its project partner on the Czech side with this project. The following organizations take part in the project: • City of D. Poustevna (30 children, 30 adults) • City of Sebnitz (50 children and 70 adults) a) from October 19, 2020 to March 31, 2021 - for about 30 children (CZ / D) 2h ice skating lessons in the Varnsdorf ice rink - for approx. 30 adults (CZ / D) 2h ice skating and ice hockey lessons in the Rumburk ice rink - a composed ice hockey team (CZ / D) regularly takes part in ice hockey competitions in D. Poustevna, Sebnitz, Varnsdorf, Geising, Freital and Dresden. b) from October 19, 2020 to June 30, 2021 - children (CZ / D) 2h, on Wednesdays floorball or floorball lessons in SoliVital Sebnitz - adults (CZ / D) 2h floorball or floorball lessons on Wednesdays in Vilémov (Dolní Poustevna sports hall is currently being renovated) -Basketball training 2.5h for children (CZ / D) in the Sebnitz sports hall, on Fridays -Offer athletics 2h for children and adults (CZ / D) in Sebnitz, Tuesdays -Offer bike ball 1.5h for adults ( CZ / D) in Sebnitz, Thursdays - running training 1.5h for children and adults (CZ / D), Thursdays c) from April 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2021: -Children and adults (CZ / D) 2h inline skating

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Ergebnisse, Mehrwert, Nachhaltigkeit

Both partners enjoy working together, the activities within the framework of the project are developing very well, the project is presenting itself as a successful example of long-term cross-border cooperation. The project improves awareness of cross-border cooperation and the possibilities for developing sporting activities in both countries. The children's ice hockey team represents this in competitions. By working together, mutual prejudices are broken down, cross-border friendships are made and a healthy lifestyle is promoted at the same time. With the implementation of this project, we want to enable a broad public to spend their free time in an entertaining way, regardless of nationality, age and athletic ability. The target group are mainly children or families with children and adult sports fans. Why do the project partners want to continue the project? There are many reasons: -to teach participants how to skate and play ice hockey, which increases their strength, stamina, speed and improve their coordination, -the participants increase their self-confidence, learn to compete and learn the rules of fair play, -they learn Mastering many other sporting activities such as running, jumping, special flexibility, games such as cycling, basketball, floorball, floorball, ice hockey, etc. are common sports to which we also devote our attention during training, so that we supplement our ice hockey skills and develop diversity , -important is the fun that ice hockey offers, regardless of nationality, -the skills that are learned here support what you learn at home and in school, -the children learn many new and entertaining skills, regardless of theirs Mother tongue: the participants in the project are friends and learn discipline and responsibility at the same time, ie e players need to cooperate and support one another. -During the class there are many opportunities to meet new people and make friends regardless of nationality.

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