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Struppen castle

Small rural castle with changing exhibitions and events

The original castle in Struppen was probably built at the beginning of the 15th century. At that time the village of Struppen belonged to the Teutonic Knights. Later, probably in the 16th century built by the Bernstein family. Various nobles, as the last Mrs. v. Raisky lived, until the sale of the manor to the Saxon state fiscus in 1822 in this castle.

During the Seven Years' War, in the summer of 1756, the Saxon army was encircled and starved on the heights around Struppen and Königstein by the Prussian army. Struppen Castle was the headquarters of the Saxon army at that time.

After its sale to the Saxon treasury in 1822, the "Königlich Sächsische Soldaten-Knaben-Erziehungsanstalt Kleinstruppen" was established in Struppen Castle. For almost 100 years, half-orphans and orphans of former soldiers from the age of 12 were trained for life in the economy and state apparatus.

From 1920 children's recreation home, the object was again used for military purposes from 1933 - 1945: SA - Führer school, barracks of the 5th replacement company of the Pioneer - Battalion 13, auxiliary hospital Pirna.

After 1945, the castle was used as resettlers' quarters, a home for after-work workers, a residential house and a kindergarten. After 1989, the building became increasingly vacant.


Kirchberg 6
01796 Struppen

Opening hours

open to the public only in connection with events (e.g. exhibitions)


Events such as exhibitions, theater performances, readings (see homepage)


From the bus stop "Struppen Mitte" directions_railway directions_bus it is 300 m walk to the castle.

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