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The most famous rock formation in Saxon Switzerland

The Bastei and the famous motif of the 76 meter long Bastei Bridge are known far beyond the borders of Germany. Although the ridge of rock that protrudes the furthest to the Elbe represents the actual bastion, today it is understood to mean the entire plateau and thus also the parts on which the restaurant and a hotel were built. The entire Bastei area covers an area of over 800 hectares.
First mentioned in travel literature more than 200 years ago, the area is the oldest and most important tourist center in the front part of Saxon Switzerland. Originally, robber barons lived on the medieval rock castle, later numerous artists reached the bastion via the Malerweg. Caspar David Friedrich and " Ludwig Richter painted and drew here...

From the bastion view you can enjoy a magnificent view, including the Königstein Fortress or the Lilienstein. The ruins of the Felsenburg Neurathen are worth a visit, giving an impression of how people lived and built here in the Middle Ages.

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01824 Lohmen

Opening hours

View and Rocks: 24/7

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View and Rocks: Free entry

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Restaurant, snack bar, hotel

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The access to the Bastei or the approach to the Bastei Berghotel lead through the village of Lohmen. Simply enter 01847 Lohmen as the address in your navigation device or the GPS coordinates: latitude 50.9665139 and longitude 14.0657333.

There are two parking options at the entrance to the Bastei. On the one hand there is a parking lot in close proximity to the bastion. Wheelchair users who want to discover the Elbe Sandstone Mountains can also easily start their excursion to the Bastei from there. On the other hand, there is another parking lot at the beginning of Basteistraße, from which a bus shuttle service to the Bastei is also offered.

Parking lot no. 1 is right next to the crossing and offers enough space as a temporary parking lot. There are day tickets for cars / coaches / mobile homes (the latter may park for a maximum of 24 hours.) From this car park you can either walk (approx. 3.5 km) or take the shuttle bus to the Bastei .

Parking lot no. 2 is closer to the bastion and therefore a bit more expensive. Different fees are charged for the mobile homes. These are made dependent on the vehicle height detected by the light barrier. This means that small motorhomes (e.g. VW Caravelle), which only require one car parking space, can be priced differently from the space-intensive campers.


Line 237 (Pirna - Bastei - Rathewalde - Hohnstein - Sebnitz)

City of Wehlen - Bastion

Königstein - Bad Schandau - Hohnstein - Bastei

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