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Church in Lohmen

Baroque transverse church with well preserved organ

The church in Lohmen is a central building in the form of an elongated octagon, which was built in 1786-1789 by the master mason Johann Daniel Kayser from Pirna and the master carpenter Christian Gotthelf Reuther from Kreischa based on the model of the church in Pretzschendorf. The ashlar building is characterized by high basket-arched windows and a high three-story tower on the south side. The interior is light and generously designed as a transverse church with surrounding three-story wooden galleries on the east, south and west walls. In accordance with Protestant requirements for a church interior, the church is equipped with a central baptismal font, pulpit altar and altar organ above, as well as pews aligned with this axis. A mirrored vault closes the room. Three plain patronage boxes are arranged on the south side.

The furnishings consist of a pulpit altar in the form of a portico, the baptismal font and the organ from the time of construction in 1788/1789. The corpus of a wooden crucifix in the middle loge dates from the 17th century. Next to it are three paintings of the old winged altar by Heinrich Göding (1531-1606), inscribed with the year 1575; the central panel shows a depiction of the Crucifixion, the wings the Nativity and Resurrection. A memorial plaque with fluted pilasters and peace dove and the inscription: "The dead admonish / 1944 - 1945" is placed on the western churchyard wall. Another memorial plaque made of sandstone in 1973 for the versatile theologian and writer Carl Heinrich Nicolai can be found in the churchyard.

The organ is a work by Johann Christian Kayser from 1789 with 18 stops on two manuals and pedal.

source: Wikipedia


Dorfstraße 1
01847 Lohmen


Tel: +49 3501 588032




From Lohmen train station directions_railway directions_bus it is about 700 m walk to the church.

From the bus stop "Bahnhofstraße, Lohmen" directions_railway directions_bus it is only about 300 m.

Parking is available directly in front of the church.

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