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Belvedere Nice height

Small tower castle with Goethe, frescos and view

The tower in neo-Gothic style was built in the years 1831-1833 by the owner of the neighbouring manor in Dittersbach, Johann Gottlob von Quandt. He was a great admirer of Goethe, to whom this building is dedicated. This is particularly visible in the frescoes inside, which depict motifs from the ballads The Singer, The Fisherman, The Erlkönig, Geistesgruß, The King in Thule, and from the tale of the Green Serpent. Gottfried Semper provided the designs for these.
The park, which was laid out at that time, is unfortunately only partially preserved.

The viewing platform offers a wide panoramic view of the Eastern Erz Mountains, Saxon Switzerland, Stolpen and Upper Lusatia.



An der Schönen Höhe 14
01833 Dürrröhrsdorf-Dittersbach


Tel: +49 35026 91305



Opening hours

Visits to the tower are possible at any time during the opening hours of the restaurant.

A visit to the fresco hall is only possible as part of a guided tour. Please make an appointment.



Restaurant with terrace



The nearest bus stop is "Kleinelbersdorf" directions_railway directions_bus in about 700m distance. The bus stop "Wendeplatz, Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach" directions_railway directions_bus, which is about 1.6 km away (which is a nice walk through the forest), is served much more frequently.

There is a parking lot directly at the Schöne Höhe.