Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Small Farmers' Museum Reitzendorf

Small museum about the peasant way of working and living in former times

Anyone who has come here once will be glad to come again, or at the very least will warmly recommend this museum to others: no wonder, for the Kleinbauernmuseum, opened in 1992, really is something special, and completely unique in the region. In a way that all age groups can relate to, it conveys an authentic impression of life and work on a typical small farmstead. In this listed three-sided building complex which incorporates living spaces for people and animals alike, time seems to have stood still since the beginning of the last century. And sometimes it feels to the visitor as if the inhabitants have only just stepped out for a minute. That is surely what gives this museum its particular appeal.

It is particularly recommended to take a guided tour of this museum. The enthusiasts of the local association have themselves lived in the village at the time that comes to life in the museum and are happy to tell about their lives. Therefore, you should plan a total of at least two hours for a visit.


Schullwitzer Straße 3
01328 Dresden


Tel: 0351 / 2 64 17 83



Opening hours

Apr to Oct Mon to Fri 9 am to 4 pm, Sat/Sun/holidays 1 to 5 pm

Nov to Mar Mon to Fri 10:30 am to 4 pm Sat/Sun/holidays 1 to 4 pm



Adults €2.80, reduced €2.10, family ticket €8.00



Projects supplementing school curriculum on living and working on a small farmstead and historical crafts techniques

limited handicapped accessible


In front of the museum there is the bus stop "Kleinbauernmuseum, Reitzendorf (Dresden)" directions_railway directions_bus. It is served approximately every 2 hours from Dresden even on the weekend.

You can park in front of the museum on the side of the road.

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