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Local museum Bad Schandau / Erich Wustmann Museum

Museum on the local and cultural-historical side of the town of Bad Schandau and Saxon Switzerland as well as on the explorer Erich Wustmann

In its local history section, the museum of the town of Bad Schandau conveys insights from the past and present of the region of the Upper Elbe Valley. In a cultural-historical permanent exhibition, impressive exhibits are shown on the subjects of town history, Elbe navigation, tourism and mountaineering. Furthermore, the Museum Bad Schandau shows a permanent exhibition about the research trips of the honorary citizen Erich Wustmann.

Elbe navigation

The development of Bad Schandau is closely connected with the Elbe shipping. Upstream, barges were pulled by human hands until the 19th century. When in 1837 the first steamboat sailed the Elbe, the Elbe valley opened up for an increasing number of tourists. Tools of shipbuilding and numerous ship models are impressively displayed in our museum.


After an iron-bearing spring was discovered in the Kirnitzschtal valley in 1680, the first bathhouse was built in 1799, along with representative new hotel buildings. The hotelier Rudolf Sendig contributed significantly to Bad Schandau's tourist development with his elegant hotels, which attracted a select international public to Schandau. When Bad Schandau received its official title "Bad" and many other interesting facts about tourism in the spa town can be found in the museum in Bad Schandau.


Already in 1850 the ascent of the Saxon sandstone cliffs began from a sporting point of view. For the first ascents, aids such as ladders and steps carved into the rock were still permitted, but this changed in 1890 when new rules strictly rejected these means. From now on only ring hooks and ropes were used for belaying. This and many other interesting information and developments from 150 years of mountain sports in Saxon Switzerland can be seen in the exhibition in the Bad Schandau Museum.

Erich Wustmann

Exhibits, photos and songs, which the explorer Erich Wustmann collected from his expeditions from Scandinavia and South America, are presented in an entertaining way. The exhibition offers an exciting and instructive immersion into the world of the Nordic reindeer herders and the Indians of the tropical rainforest.



Badallee 11
01814 Bad Schandau


Tel: +49 (0) 35022 42173



Opening hours

May to October

Tuesday-Friday 14.00 - 17.00

Saturday/Sunday 10.00 - 17.00

November to April

Tuesday to Sunday: 14.00 - 17.00




Adults 3,50

Reduced 2,50 €

Family ticket 4,00 €


The Euroregion Culture Card is valid here.


The nearest bus stop is "Bad Schandau, Kurpark" directions_railway directions_bus, on the other side of the Kurpark.

More bus lines (and occasionally the ferry) go to the bus stop "Elbkai" directions_railway directions_bus. From there it is less than one kilometre to the museum.

If you arrive by car, parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity of the museum, on Badallee.

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