Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Lookout at the church of St. Barbora in Dubičky

One of the most beautiful views left of Elbe in the Bohemian Central Mountains looking to Porta Bohemica

From the terrace at the Church of St. Barbora in Dubičky you have a wonderful view of the Elbe valley, in this part known as Porta Bohemica, the Bohemian Gate. The church of St. Barbora was built after 1579. It has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century. The place is probably one of the most easily accessible lookout points in the region.

There is a restaurant and a pension directly at the lookout point.



Dubice 39
400 02 Ústí nad Labem


The nearest bus stop is "Řehlovice, Dubice, Dubičky" directions_railway directions_bus, only 100 m from the view.

In 200 m distance there is a parking lot.

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