Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Current regulations on Covid-19 in Saxony and Czechia

Here we publish updated information about the regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in Saxony and Czechia, which are relevant for cross-border visitors.

We're always behind the sometimes quite rapid development. Therefore, please always check the date of our information.

From Czechia to Saxony

The Czech Republic is no high-risk area from a German point of view. This means that there are no restrictions or obligations on entry.

From Saxony to Czechia

There are no Covid-related restrictions when entering the Czech Republic.

In Czechia

Here you find the regulations for staying in the Czech Republic.

In Saxony

Here you will find the regulations for staying in Saxony, which should be relevant for foreign guests.

3G/2G: Vaccinated, recovered, tested

Here you will find the exact determination of who is recognized as tested, vaccinated or recovered in the Czech Republic and Saxony.

Where can I get tested?

Here you can find out where you can get tested for COVID19 in the Czech Republic and Saxony.