Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Erweiterung des Internetportals "Museen in der Euroregion Elbe/Labe"



Lead Partner:

Stadt Dresden
Königstraße 15, 01099 Dresden

Project partner:

Euroregion Labe
Velká Hradebni 8, 40001 Ústi nad Labem


01.05.16 - 31.12.16


13.491,98 Euro


The trilingual Internet portal "Museums in the Euroregion Elbe / Labe" (EEL) was implemented by summer 2011 and expanded in 2012 to include new museums and the information category "Highlights". As a result of the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, the technical and design expansion of the Internet portal is required. For this reason, the existing functionality for PCs is to be revised, smartphone use is to be introduced and the existing program content is to be revised. For this purpose, current information is requested from the museums, processed, standardized through thorough editing, translated into three languages (D, CZ, E) and processed in the portal's content management system. The target group are all citizens of the EEL and foreign tourists.

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Ergebnisse, Mehrwert, Nachhaltigkeit

With the expansion of the museum portal, the content will in future be accessible to smartphone users. German and Czech citizens and tourists will then have the additional opportunity to discover the diverse museum landscape in the EEL “on the go”. In addition to strengthening tourism, this also creates an awareness of the common museum landscape in the EEL and develops identification with the common living space of the Elbe / Labe region, especially in cultural terms. The museums in the EEL can be marketed even better together with the help of the smartphone application. They are publicly displayed in three EU languages through the portal and are linked to one another via the information portal. The mutual marketing of the museums is also promoted. You have the opportunity to present yourself in a professional environment, including as a potential cooperation partner for cross-border museum projects. Sustainability is achieved because the project builds on the existing museum portal. The existing database and the functionality of the portal will continue to be used, expanded and revised in terms of content and design. The portal is made known via the existing information and advertising options for the applicants and participating museums, such as press releases, official gazettes, existing homepages, email distribution lists and advertising.

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Best practice

The trilingual internet portal "Museums in the Euroregion Elbe-Labe" invites you to forays on both sides of the Saxon-Czech border along a river steeped in history. Over 100 museums with their history and collections can be discovered "on the go" via smartphone and tablet or from your home computer. The portal gives an insight into the passion for collecting and urban initiative, into natural research and handicrafts, building traditions and artistic tastes. Rulers, noble families and artists can be discovered, alchemists, chair builders and watchmakers. The museum buildings themselves are informative witnesses to the cultural, intellectual and economic history of the region. Each museum is represented on a uniformly designed page with information about the program, opening times, admission prices, offers in Czech, English and German as well as access for the disabled. Seven thematic filter categories are used for interest-related selection, five spatial categories show museums in an area and help with orientation. Information on public transport, general maps and site plans help you plan your visit to the museum.

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