Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Voneinander lernen! Planspielbegegnung mit Berufsschüler*innen



Lead Partner:

Reinhold-Becker-Str. 5, 01277 Dresden

Project partner:

Dům dětí a mládeže a Zařízení pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků Ústí nad Labem
Velká Hradebni 1025/19, 40001 Ústí nad Labem


15.01.20 - 31.10.20


15.000,00 Euro


The project aims to combine methods of intercultural exchange with the content of democratic education. The aim is to enable young people from both countries to meet each other in a project week, to explore the unknown environment together and to try out a business game - with a focus on the potential world of work. The methodology of the simulation game was originally developed for 11-15 year olds. A fundamental modification of the content is required for the target group of trainees. This will be done within the framework of this project and before the encounter in order to have an adequate methodology for this target group. Since the simulation game is based on the simulated introduction of a new app on the European market and the development of an advertising strategy, the trainees get to know situations that are relevant for their professional development. Among other things, it plays an important role to develop strategies together and to pursue them communicatively (also across communication barriers in binational teams) in various ways or to invent and advertise marketing concepts for a fictitious product. In the final and evaluation phase of the project, the question of the usability of the experiences for one's own - private as well as professional everyday life - should be addressed. The trainers are experienced and trained in this method and in German-Czech encounters. In the project, the students are provided with a neutral space away from the school for mutual learning. The main focus is on German-Czech cooperation. Methods specially developed for international exchange enable intensive contact between the students. We will especially address young people from rural regions in the Elbe / Labe Euroregion in order to counteract the aspect of social disadvantage compared to the larger cities (e.g. Dresden). When choosing the meeting place, we as a team will make sure that the entrances are as barrier-free as possible.

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Ergebnisse, Mehrwert, Nachhaltigkeit

The results for the participants are not physical products, but rather experiences and possible findings: -sustainable gain of experience for the participating young people with regard to their intercultural and communicative competencies -The simulation game gives the participants individual insights into possible working world situations and associated cooperative processes. In the game situation, the participants learn about democracy-based negotiations. You learn to advertise your own ideas, find majorities and then implement them together; Accept other opinions, ideas, majorities and still get involved in the implementation. The aim of the two project partners is to get to know each other better through this project in order to deepen their prospective joint German-Czech encounter programs and to test the methodology of the simulation game and, if necessary, expand it for this target group.

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