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Dohna Town Museum

Museum on the history of the second oldest town in Saxony

The town of Dohna was probably founded in 960, first mentioned in a document in 1040 and is therefore considered the second oldest town in Saxony. The town museum presents the history since the Stone Age. The first settlements can be traced back to the Bronze Age, ca. 1800 to 1600 BC. In the Middle Ages, the Dohna Burgraviate was an important centre of power in the region. Important trade routes into Bohemia, such as the Kulmer Steig, passed through here.

The museum was reopened in 2020 after more than three years of renovation and expansion. In the historic pharmacy house at the market, the history of the town and the region can now be experienced in multimedia formats.

One room is dedicated to the former pharmacy with a large cupboard full of drawers and a showcase with numerous tools and containers - both from the 18th century. Dried medicinal plants and spices can quench the thirst for knowledge about the pharmacy and herbology of yesteryear.


Am Markt 2
01809 Dohna


Tel: +49 3529 5636 34



Opening hours

every 1st and 3rd Saturday and Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 4pm

Thursday: 9am - 12am

and by arrangement


adults: 5 Euro

reduced: 3 Euro

children (6 - 16): 2 Euro

families: 10 Euro


Guided tours through Dohna (by arrangement)


The bus stop "Markt, Dohna" directions_railway directions_bus is located in front of the museum.

Some parking spaces are available directly in front of the museum.


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