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Linden museum Schmorsdorf

The smallest museum of Saxony - about a lime tree and the pianist Clara Schumann

The lime tree in the middle of the village has been a part of village life for centuries with many stories, legends and customs. Every year it is said to fulfil one wish of the one who sits quietly under it. The lime tree is about 24 metres high with a crown diameter of about 20 metres. Before it lost part of its crown in a storm in 1884, it was 44 metres high. The trunk has two gate-like openings on one side.

The lime tree museum Clara Schumann is located right next to the lime tree. The museum, named after the pianist Clara Schumann, who walked to the lime tree several times, is permanently open and freely accessible. The first record of the building dates back to 1888, when it was used as a fire station.

With an exhibition area of 6.85 square metres, it is considered to be the smallest free-standing museum in Saxony, possibly even in Germany. It is also the only museum about a lime tree in Germany and about the pianist Clara Schumann.


Schmorsdorf 2
01809 Müglitztal

Opening hours

Permanently freely accessible.


The bus stop "Schmorsdorf, Schmorsdorf" directions_railway directions_bus is only 150 m walk from the Lindenmuseum.

A bit further away there is also a car park from which the way to the Lindenmuseum is signposted.

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