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Museum of artificial flowers and local history "Prof. A. Meiche", Sebnitz

Museum in the capital of and about artificial flower production as well as local history

The artificial flower and local history museum "Prof. Alfred Meiche" documents on three floors important phases of the history of the border region and the city of Sebnitz. The museum of Sebnitz town history was already founded in 1909 by the Sebnitz trade association and has been located in a Umgebindehaus built in 1731 since 1994. Today the Sebnitz Museum of Artificial Flowers and Local History houses a collection of over 12,000 exhibits and a museum library with over 3,000 titles.

The visitor has the opportunity to gain insight into the more than 750-year-old town history of Sebnitz and the life and living culture in Sebnitz of past centuries. In addition to a weaver's parlour, an office of an artificial flower manufacturer, a homeworker's cottage as well as a baroque and a Biedermeier room can be seen.

The extensive collection of folk art and folklore of Saxony includes the unique Sebnitz shadow play as well as several works of local artists. In addition to drawings, watercolours and oil paintings, personal notes, e.g. by Ilse Ohnesorge and Hanns Georgi, are also preserved. Further important collections are the scientific legacies of Prof. Dr. Alfred Meiche and Wilhelm Leberecht Götzinger, personal records and documents of the founder of the Hohnstein Puppet Theatre Max Jacob as well as the photo archive of the press photographer Siegfried Thomas.


The museum is currently closed for a longer period due to renovation work.


Hertigswalder Str. 12 - 14
01855 Sebnitz

Opening hours

Currently closed for a longer period due to renovation.



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Sebnitz is easy to reach by train or bus. From the station Sebnitz directions_railway directions_bus it is a good walk to the city center. To the museum it is about 1 km.

The bus station Sebnitz directions_railway directions_bus is only about 350 m away.

If you arrive by car, there are parking facilities right next to the museum.

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