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Prehistoric Park in Sebnitz

Over 400 sculptures of prehistoric creatures, from microorganisms to mammals

On the edge of Saxon Switzerland, right on the border with the Czech Republic, there has been a prehistoric park since 1996. The builder of the Großwelka dinosaur garden and the Kleinwelka dinosaur park continued his life's work here.

On a park area of more than 10,000 square meters, winding paths lead into the long-forgotten world of our prehistory. Over 400 sculptures can be seen in the prehistoric complex. The tour gives you an insight into the development of living things. In addition to microorganisms and bacteria enlarged up to 1000 times, mammals from the Cenozoic as well as giant octopuses and prehistoric humans cavort.


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Forstweg 14
01855 Sebnitz


Tel: +49 35935 20818



Opening hours

Easter until October 31st

daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Adults: € 5.00

Children 5 - 16 years: € 4.00

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From the stop "Sebnitz, Böhmische Straße" directions_railway directions_bus it is a 750 m walk to the Urzeitpark. It is similarly far from the Czech side from the bus stop "Dolní Poustevna, střed" directions_railway directions_bus.

From the Sebnitz train station directions_railway directions_bus the (not necessarily beautiful) route is approx. 1.7 km. From Dolní Poustevná directions_railway directions_bus train station it is around 1.2 km.

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