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Langburkersdorf Mill

Lovely regional museum of peasant way of life in former mill

The Hofmühle - formerly a mill - is one of the most interesting historical buildings of Neustadt/Sa. The building was made accessible to the public by the local association Förder- und Heimatverein Schloss Langburkersdorf e. V.

Today the Hofmühle contains the interesting exhibition "House, farm and field - rural life of past times". In addition to historical agricultural machinery and equipment, the visitor gets to know a completely furnished dwelling, an old classroom, historical handicrafts, cobbler and saddlery from the life of that time. On the upper floor, the exhibition "Windows into the past" shows historical postcards of the districts of Langburkersdorf, Berthelsdorf, Rugiswalde, Ober- and Niederottendorf.

The mill itself was first mentioned in a document in 1470. Over the centuries, it served both as a grinding mill and a sawmill, but the former at most until the first half of the 19th century. After a major fire in 1871, it was rebuilt in the form visible today. After the 2nd World War, the mill was only used as a sawmill. In 1972 it was nationalized and the operation as a sawmill was stopped. Under the name: "VEB Holzwaren Langburkersdorf" they produced wooden slats of all kinds. From 1990 to 2000 wooden windows were produced here. In 2002 the municipality acquired the building, since 2007 the association takes care of it (and the nearby Langburkersdorf Castle).


Raupenbergstraße 9
01844 Neustadt in Sachsen


Tel: +49 3596 603219



Opening hours

open for special events (see association website)

otherwise by appointment by telephone with the Mutscher family


From the bus stop "Sebnitzer Straße, Langburkersdorf" directions_railway directions_bus it is a 300 m walk to the Hofmühle.

Parking is available opposite the facility.

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