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Langburkersdorf castle

15th century castle with impressive coffered ceiling (only sometimes accessible)

The manor in Langburkersdorf was first mentioned in a document in 1423. From 1564 to 1870 the castle was owned by the von Wehse family. From 1925, with major structural changes, it was converted into a home for the elderly, then also used as a recreation home and rehabilitation facility. Since 2000 it has been owned by the municipality. Since then, the Förder- und Heimatverein Schloss Langburkersdorf e.V. has taken care of the castle (and the nearby Hofmühle).

The castle is not always open to the public, but only for special events and occasions. It is often used for weddings. The two upper floors have been used by the administration of a municipal company since 2011.

A special feature of the banquet hall are the historically painted ceiling panels of a coffered ceiling from the 17th century, which were discovered during the renovation. The ceiling panels adorned the rooms of the chateau until reconstruction measures were carried out in the 18th century. After that, they were inserted as an insertion in the new, smoothly plastered ceilings and forgotten for a long time. After the acquisition by the municipality, 48 magnificent wooden ceiling elements could be restored and reinstalled on the first floor of the castle. Today, the impressive variety and artistic quality of the ceiling can be admired again by visitors to the castle. The paneling shows both figural and ornamental motifs and in its entirety is an outstanding cultural testimony of the Renaissance.


Dammstraße 2
01844 Neustadt in Sachsen


Tel: +49 3596 500901

Tel: +49 3596 508740



Opening hours

Only open to the public during events (see website of the Friends) and, if possible, on request.


rented out for weddings


From the bus stop "Sebnitzer Straße, Langburkersdorf" directions_railway directions_bus, where several bus lines stop, it is a 200 m walk to the castle.

Parking is available southeast of the castle behind the estate (pass on the right).

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