Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Großer Zschirnstein

Great view of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland and the Eastern Ore Mountains

At 562 m, the Großer Zschirnstein is the highest mountain in Saxon Switzerland. It rises as a slightly sloping table mountain from north to south, and then drops steeply from the highest point. From there you have a great view of approx. 270 °. It extends from the Schrammsteinen in the west over Bohemian Switzerland, the nearby Hohe Schneeberg and the Bohemian Central Mountains to the Eastern Ore Mountains. When visibility is good, the Ještěd near Liberec can be seen, easily recognized by its tower as a white tip. A large information board helps to classify the recognizable landmarks.

Since 1865 there was a so-called Nagelsche column on the summit, which was used for land surveying in the 19th century. Today there is a copy because the original was lost.

The Saxon-Czech border runs almost directly below the Großer Zschirnstein. On it lies the Elbe Sandstone Forest Trail in this section, on which you can hike in a wild and romantic way to the Elbe.

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