Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Church of the Assumption in Arnoltice

Late-Baroque church with cemetery

The present church was built in 1757/1758 in place of an older church. Only an impressive baroque gravestone remains of this building, which can be found today on the southern wall of the church. In 1906 the church burned down because it was forgotten to put out the candles. It was restored in 1907, but almost nothing could be saved from the baroque interior. It was repaired in 1959, but is not in good condition today.

In the cemetery around the church there are some very old graves (see also below).


Arnoltice 1
407 14 Arnoltice


Tel: +420 606 240 940




The bus stop "Arnoltice" directions_railway directions_bus is located opposite the church.

We also recommend a hike from the Elbe valley - possibly with a detour to the Belvedere view - to Arnoltice (4 to 5 km).

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