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View point Belvedér

View point about 130 m above the river Elbe

From the Belvedér viewpoint near Labská Stráň you have a wonderful view of the Elbe valley from a height of about 130 m above the river.

At the turn of the 18th century, the owners of the nearby chateau in Bynovec built a sala terrena here (the coat of arms of the founders - the Lords of Clary-Aldringen - has been preserved to this day), while at the same time the viewing terrace was built. At that time popular concerts were held on the terrace. Since the 19th century, the viewing terrace has been connected to the chateau in Bynovec by a 4 km long carriage road (today a red marked hiking trail).



Labská Stráň 18
405 02 Labská Stráň


There's a restaurant right at the view point.


The quickest way to get to the viewpoint  from the Elbe valley is to take the path with quite some stairs directly from the Elbleiten path or from the ferry in Dolní Žleb. A little further, but highly recommended, is the path through the Suché Kamenice gorge. Ambitious hikers can also reach the viewpoint on the red marked hiking trail from Děčín to Hřensko (approx. 15 km).

There is a bus from Děčín to Labská Stráň directions_railway directions_bus, which takes about 1/2 hour from the Děčín railway station.

There is also a parking lot right next to the viewpoint.

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