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Church of St. Mary and Laurent at Lauenstein

Late-Gothic hall church with the oldest Jehmlich organ

The church of Lauenstein is a late Gothic hall church, which was rebuilt in 1596-1602 after a town fire and equipped with artistic sandstone sculpture. These include the altar, the pulpit, the baptismal font and the Bünau epitaph and several side epitaphs: Exceedingly detailed half reliefs and sculptures, testify to the Gospel in their enormous artistry and significant composition.

Furthermore, wall and vault paintings from the Gothic and Renaissance periods can be found. In addition, the master organ builder G. F. Jehmlich built his first organ in Lauenstein, which was largely destroyed by fire in 2003, but reconstructed in the course of interior restoration until 2005. Concerts are held regularly.

The hall church St. Marien and Laurentin zu Lauenstein contains important art treasures donated by patron Günther von Bünau (1557-1619). After renovations in 1997 and 2005, the church shines in new splendor and reveals to the visitor unique sandstone works of the Pirna sculptor families Michael Schwenke (ca. 1563-1610 - magnificent altar, pulpit and baptismal font) and Lorentz Hörnig (ca. 1575-1624 - Bünau chapel, side epitaphs, alabaster crucifix).  A rich ceiling painting in the chancel, a recovered fresco depicting the Trinity (mercy seat) and the oldest preserved Jehmlich organ are other components in an overwhelming body of work.

The church of St. Marien and Laurentin zu Lauenstein is open only for guided tours, concerts, for church services and other church events.


Teplitzer Straße 1
01778 Geising


Tel: +49 152 09869088

Tel: +49 162 5435404



Opening hours

Tue, Thu, Sun: 2 pm


Sightseeing (without guided tour): 2,00 Euro

Adults: 3,00 Euro

Reduced: 2,50 Euro

Children up to 14 years: 1,00 Euro

Family: 8,00 Euro


guided tours


From the bus stop "Schule, Lauenstein (Sachs)" directions_railway directions_bus it is 350 m walk to the church.

From the train station Lauenstein directions_railway directions_bus you have to walk about 900 m uphill.

Parking is possible on the market square of Lauenstein.

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