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Kalvárie in Ostré

Baroque place of pilgrimage in an outstanding location

The Kalvárie in Ostré near Úštěk can alraedy be seen from far away, sitting high up on the mountain. It is a baroque place of pilgrimage consisting of two chapels and a long staircase leading up to them. It was built in 1704-1707, and from the village of Ostré a Way of the Cross leads to the Calvary.

The usual date of pilgrimage was May 3rd. Some particularly dedicated believers climbed the steps to the chapel on their knees.

In 2005, the "Society for the Restoration of the Monuments of the Region Úštěk" took over the pilgrimage site in order to prevent the ongoing devastation and to preserve this attractive place for future generations. Occasionally cultural events are held here (e.g. Theatre on the stairs). In 2011 the stations of the Way of the Cross, including the statues, were completely restored.

From the top you have a wonderful view over the valley of Úštěk and the surrounding mountains of the Bohemian Central Mountains.


Ostré 50
411 45 Úštěk


In Ostré you can find the restaurant (with B&B) "Pod Kalvárií".


The nearest bus stop "Úštěk, Ostré" directions_railway directions_bus is only 500 m away.

From Úštěk the way is quite long. From the market it is a good three kilometres, including quite a few metres in altitude. From the train station Úštěk directions_railway directions_bus, which is at the other end of the town, it is another kilometre longer.

There are no explicit parking places nearby, but around the village square there are some parking possibilities.


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