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Striking rock towering Bílina with magnificent panoramic view

The Bořen is a very prominent rocky mountain on the edge of Bílina. With its 539 m it towers over the town by more than 300 m. From its top you have a wide panoramic view over the broad valley of Bílina with various towns, to the steep slopes of the Ore Mountains, further east to the Bohemian Central Mountains and into the countryside as far as Prague. Of course, you can also see the wounds in the landscape, the large open-cast lignite coal mines and the many industrial plants.

The Bořen is considered the largest phonolite monolith in Central Europe. Already Goethe has researched the rock and drew it. People like to climb on its walls, some of which are over 100 m long.

Some people see the mountain in the shape of a lying lion (especially on Goethe's drawing), that is why it is sometimes called the Bilin lion.


418 01 Bílina


There is a restaurant at the foot of the Bořeň (Restaurace Bořeň).


The ascent from the foot (restaurant) is only a little more than 1 km long, but you should still expect at least 1/2 h walk.

If you arrive by train, it is recommended to get off at Bílina Kyselkadirections_railway directions_bus. From there it is about 2 km walking to the foot of Bořeň.

There is a limited number of parking spaces for cars at the restaurant at the foot of Bořeň.

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