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Ulrike von Levetzow museum in Třebívlice

Small exhibition on the last woman with whom Goethe fell in love

Ulrike von Levetzow (1804-1899) inherited the village Třebívlice (German Triblitz) from her stepfather and lived there until her death at the high age of 95. As a young woman in Karlsbad she met Goethe, who fell deeply in love with her. However, she insisted all her life that he was only a fatherly friend. Ulrike's grave is also in Třebívlice, on the cemetery by the church.

The exhibition about Ulrike von Levetzow and Goethe was set up in an annex of the castle Třebívlice to honour his 250th birthday. It shows personal items and, above all, the famous collection of seven Empire jewellery pieces made of Bohemian Garnet, which were made for her mother, Amálie von Levetzow, in 1820 from the largest and most beautiful pieces of Bohemian Garnet.


U Zámku 92
411 15 Třebívlice


Tel: +420 774 150 843


Opening hours

It is currently somewhat unclear whether the museum is open. We try to bring light into the darkness.


Třebívlice can be reached by train. The station directions_railway directions_bus is located about 650 m from the museum.

From the bus stop "Třebívlice, nám." directions_railway directions_bus it is only 100 m to the museum.

There is also a parking lot near the bus stop.

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