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Hazmburk castle

Castle ruin visible from afar with two towers.

The castle ruins of Hazmburk (German: Hasenburg) stand on the 418 m high mountain of the same name. It is an important dominant of the lower Ohře region and offers a unique panoramic view of the Bohemian Central Mountains as well as the lowlands to the south. On a clear day, you can look to the east as far as to Jěštěd mountain near Liberec.

The castle ruins are dominated by the massive, 26 m high "White Tower". In contrast to the lower, round "Black Tower", it has a square ground plan. Today, the "White Tower" is also mainly black, but bears its name thanks to the originally bright sandstone from which the upper floors were built. However, due to weathering it has also become black in the meantime.

The castle was built in the late 13th century, but was not used for very long. After the Hussite Wars in the 15th century, during which it was besieged several times without success, the castle was abandoned and it fell into ruins.

The "White Tower" is currently open for the public and serves as a lookout tower.


411 16 Klapý


Tel: +420 606 175 052



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Adults: 100 CZK

Children under 6 years: free

Young people up to 18 years, seniors over 65 years: 70 CZK

Families (2 adults + max. 3 children under 15 years): 260 CZK

Groups from 15 persons (with reservation): 90 CZK/person



The shortest way to the top starts in Klapý. From the local bus stop "Klapý" directions_railway directions_bus it is about 2 km to the castle. On the outskirts of the village there is a paid parking lot. From there it is also about 2 km.

It is slightly further from the village Slatina, situated to the east, with the bus stop "Slatina, Litoměřice" directions_railway directions_bus. This village itself is worth seeing.

Those who plan a longer hiking tour can start it at different railway stations in the surroundings: Třebenice directions_railway directions_bus (7 km), Úpohlavy directions_railway directions_bus (5 km), Slatina p. Hazmburkem directions_railway directions_bus (4 km, the railway station is outside the village) or Libochovice město directions_railway directions_bus (4 km).