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Castle ruins on the hill of the same name on the southern edge of the Bohemian Central Highlands

The Oltářík is a 565 m high, remarkable mountain on the southern edge of the Bohemian Central Highlands. From here, one has a good view over the valley of the Cheb River towards Prague, but also of the surrounding Bohemian Central Highlands.

On the top of the hill there are ruins of the medieval castle Oltářík. It was built by Hussites in the middle of the 15th century, but was used for a maximum of 100 years and then abandoned for unknown reasons (exact date also unknown).



Staré 1
411 15 Třebívlice


At Televize Seznam there is a video (5 min) of a hike from Oltářík via Skálka to Košťálov, which - according to them - are the castles with the most beautiful views of the Bohemian Central Highlands. Unfortunately only in Czech language, but the pictures are also beautiful.

The nearest refreshment point should be a rather simple pub in Dřemčice (near the bus stop).


The shortest hike to the top starts in the village of Děkovka and is about 1.5 km long. Unfortunately there is no bus stop here.

The closest bus stops are "Podsedice, Chrášťany, rozc. 1.0" (3.3 km) directions_railway directions_bus, "Třebívlice, Dřemčice" (3.6 km) directions_railway directions_bus and "Třebívlice, Staré" (4.2 km) directions_railway directions_bus, with the former having the most connections.

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