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Castle ruins Košťálov

Viewpoint in the Bohemian Uplands with the remains of a castle

The ruins of Košťálov castle from the 14th century are enthroned on a rugged cliff on the southern edge of the Bohemian Uplands and are a protected area. Parts of the tower-shaped palace of the upper castle and remains of the outer fortifications are still preserved here. On clear days, the view sweeps south into the lowlands of Central Bohemia, while to the north the peaks of the Bohemian Uplands can be seen.

Signs indicate that the castle ruins are in danger of collapsing and that there is a risk of injury. Access to the ruins is therefore prohibited.


Třebenice 3
411 13 Jenčice


The vantage point is easy to reach from the train station directions_railway directions_bus in the town of Třebenice , located on the so-called plum railway from Lovosice to Most

The bus stop Třebenice, nám. directions_railway directions_bus is located directly in the centre of Třebenice. There are parking spaces as well.

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