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Mountain with a beautiful view and remains of a castle

The Doubravská hora (short: Doubravka, also called Teplice Castle Hill) rises on the edge of Teplice and offers a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding area. In particular, you can look into the Ore Mountains and the western Bohemian Central Mountains.

A castle was built on the summit towards the end of the 15th century, which changed hands quite often. During the Thirty Years' War it was often fought over, in which the Saxons were also involved. It took them seven weeks to take it once.

At the end of the 19th century, Edmund Clary-Aldringen made the summit accessible and set up a restaurant.

Today there are two snack bars up here. While enjoying food and drink, you can look over Teplice.

There are many different paths with different degrees of difficulty leading to the summit, from easy roads to steep ascent, where you also have to use your hands. There is also an educational trail with interesting information (in Czech).

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Doubravská 104
415 01 Teplice


two snacks on the summit

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From the Teplice train station directions_railway directions_bus it is a 2 km city walk to the foot of the mountain. It doesn't necessarily go through the worst parts of Teplice.

The next bus stop (trolleybus) is "Teplice, Panorama" directions_railway directions_bus, which is served quite often, for example from the train station (Elbe-Labe ticket is also valid on the bus). The nature trail to the summit begins very close by.

A free parking lot is located at the foot of the mountain next to the sports facilities.

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