Euroregion Elbe/Labe


Great view of the Osterzgebirge mountains from an unusual perspective; basalt columns

At 723 m, Špičák does not tower above its neighbors in the immediate vicinity, but it does offer an unusual perspective, as there are few mountains with a view in this region. Unfortunately, the view towards Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland is obscured by vegetation. But the view into the Eastern Erzgebirge is magnificent and unusual. As a prominent elevation right next to the highway, the Špičák cannot be missed by passers-by.

The viewpoint is located on the western of the two peaks, on basalt columns. At the foot of them, remains of a building can still be seen, which was an inn until 1945.

On the eastern side of the peak there is a cave, but it is not easy to find.


403 37 Petrovice


In nearby Oelsen there is a restaurant, in even closer Krasný Les, unfortunately, no more.


The Špičák can be reached only on foot. It is best to hike to the top from Krasný Les or from Oelsen. The ascent is not very difficult. You can also make a nice circular hike of about 12 km from both places through the valley of the Gottleuba River (i.e. west around Špičák).

Unfortunately, both places are not accessible by public transport on weekends.

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