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Tisa Walls

Tyssaer Walls ( Tiské stěny in Czech) is a rock town in the west of Bohemian Switzerland not far from the scenic border with the Ore Mountains.

The rock town of Tyssaer Walls (Tiské stěny in Czech), 613m above sea level, is part of the Elbe Sandstone Protected Landscape Area.

Together with the Raitza rock faces (Czech Rajecké stěny), the Eilander rocks (Czech Ostrovské stěny) and the Hohem Schneeberg (Czech Sněžník), they form an attractive tourist and climbing area. The sandstone rocks stimulate the imagination of the visitors. The individual rock formations have their traditional proper names.

The Tyssa Walls are divided into two large parts - Large and Small Walls, through which the sightseeing routes lead. An educational trail marked with a white square with a green stripe also leads through the area of the walls. The path includes seven information boards. There is also a red hiking trail along the ridge of the Great Walls. This is the shortest route between the entrance area and the eastern end of the rock city at the tourist hut .

The village of Tisá is in the immediate vicinity of the Petrovice border crossing on the Saxon-Czech border. An easily accessible place in terms of traffic, because the motorway corridor Prague - Dresden (D8 - exit 87) is in the immediate vicinity.

The Tyssaer walls are a frequent destination for filmmakers because of the attractive outdoor area. In 2016 the films "Damals im Paradis" and the television fairy tale "The True Prince" were shot here, and in 2013 scenes for the film "Die Pilgerin" and the film "GÖTZ" were shot here - both in German production.

Probably the most famous film that was also shot in the rock is "The Chronicle of Narnie: The Lion, the Witch and the Closet (2005).

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Tisá 257
403 36 Tisá


Tel: +420 475 222 440

Opening hours


Mon-Sun - from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

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Adults: 50 CZK

Reduced: 30 CZK

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