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Vrabinec castle

Ruins of a medieval castle on steep rock - picturesque view of the Elbe valley

The Vrabinec (German Sperlingstein) is a well-known dominant in the Elbe valley and a nature reserve. From its summit, which you have to climb up in in the last part, you have a wonderful view of the lovely Elbe valley. However, the ascent is quite strenuous and a head for heights is necessary on the summit.

The slopes are very steep, up to 40°. In the upper part, various forms of weathering are visible (needles, columns, frost block huts and slopes, frost cracks and boulder heaps).

The first written mention of Vrabinec Castle dates back to 1403. Archaeologically, the settlement dates back to the 13th century. In 1415 it was bought by Zikmund Děčínský from Vartenberk. In 1444 the castle was conquered by the army of the Lusatian Six Cities Union. It was abandoned in 1515 at the latest.



405 02 Těchlovice


The nearest bus stop is "Těchlovice, rozc." directions_railway directions_bus It's about a mile walk from there.

From the train station Těchlovice directions_railway directions_bus it is about 2,5 km to the summit.


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