Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Dečín Synagogue

The Jewish community of Bodenbach had this synagogue built in 1907 in the Art Nouveau style with Moorish elements. The community had been collecting since 1892 to raise the necessary funds. This is the only Jewish building in the region to have survived the "Reichskristallnacht" pogrom of 1938 and the years of Communist rule. The Jewish community was re-established in 1993. It regained ownership of the synagogue in 1996 and has since carried out extensive restoration work on the decaying building. Today Jewish services are held there once again. The lower floor of the building has several rooms which are used by the community as well as by a wide non-Jewish public for events such as concerts and exhibitions.


Žižkova 4
40502 Děčín


Tel: +420 412 531 095



Opening hours

Guided tours can be arranged by calling +420 412 531 095.

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Admission free of charge. Donations for the further reconstruction of the synagogue are welcome.


special exhibitions