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Church ruin of St. Vacláv

Church ruin, re-conquered by nature

The ruins of the church of St. Wenceslas are situated on a hill called Prachová, named after the village mentioned in 1275 and 1386 as the property of the Chotěšov monastery (south of Pilsen), together with a church of St. Nicholas. The village disappeared during the Hussite wars, it was never rebuilt. The same happened to the church.

In 1835 an Empire-style church dedicated to St. Wenceslas was built on the ruins of the old church next to the new cemetery for the villages of Hrušovany and Encovany. It was abandoned after 1945 and fell into ruins.


411 45 Polepy


In the nearby village of Hrušovany there is a bus stop called "Polepy, Hrušovany" directions_railway directions_bus. From there you have to walk about 1 km.

There is a parking place by the road, about 500 m from the church ruins.


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