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Senckenberg Natural History Collections

Changing exhibitions in the Japanese Palais on zoology, mineralogy and geology

he Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden present changing exhibitions on zoology as well as mineralogy and geology in the Japanese Palace. The museum, which has its origins in the Kunstkammer founded by Elector August in 1560, is one of the oldest natural history collections in the world.
The current exhibition "Moving Earth" shows: The blue planet is constantly on the move. It is constantly changing its face - for more than 450 billion years! What is so special about the Earth that life has been able to try itself out again and again on it for millions of years? How do volcanism, earthquakes and mountains develop? An audio-visual model of plate tectonics, which regularly causes volcanoes to erupt, illustrates the process. And where did man get his knowledge about the earth? Rocks and the minerals and fossils they contain are archives of the Earth's history. Scientists can read them like a book. By 2028, the exhibition will be expanded with two more modules on the Anthropocene and biodiversity.


Palaisplatz 11
01097 Dresden


Tel: +49 (0)351 / 79 58 41 44 08



Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10 am-6 pm, 24 and 31 December, 1 January and Good Friday closed


Adults 5.00 Euro, reduced 1.00 Euro, family ticket 5.00 Euro, Admission free with Dresdenpass/family pass free

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