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King Johann tower

Lookout tower at the edge of Dippoldiswalde woods

A lookout tower erected in 1885, built on a small hill above the ancient sandstone quarries and named in honour of the then King of Saxony, Johann. The tower is - standing on an octagonal base - 20 m high. 102 steps lead to the viewing platform. The consecration took place on 18 June 1886. You can recognize the height number by a red painted height bolt: 430 m above sea level.

From the tower one has a panoramic view of the surroundings of Dippoldiswalde, e.g. of the Malter dam. At a greater distance you can see the Eastern Erzgebirge mountains and the Saxon Switzerland.

You can get the key to the tower in the nearby inn Landhaus Heidehof (see contact).


Hohe Straße 2
01744 Dippoldiswalde


Tel: +49 3504 64870



Opening hours

like the inn Landhaus Heidehof


Restaurant, hotel, wellness

The key must be picked up at the neighbouring Landhaus Heidehof inn (see contact).


The bus stop "Hohe Straße, Dippoldiswalde" directions_railway directions_bus is almost in front of the door of the inn "Gasthof Heidehof", where you have to get the key to the tower. The bus stop "Gasthof, Oberhäslich" directions_railway directions_bus is served more frequently, but is 1.5 km away from the tower.

Parking spaces are available next to the inn.

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