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Říp mountain

Mythical mountain of the Czechs with wide view and national monument

The 455 m high mountain Říp near Roudnice nad Labem, with its distinctive arched shape, is unmistakable in the flat landscape south of the Bohemian Central Highlands. On its peak there are views in various directions. However, a panoramic view is not possible due to the forestation.

In Czech mythology the Říp has a special position. The legend - which exists in slightly different versions - says that the legendary ancestor Čech and his people took an exhausted rest at the foot of the mountain during their hike. Čech climbed up and looked far into the country. When he returned to his people, he announced that they would settle down here, because this would be the land where milk and honey flow. Because of this myth, the mountain has always played an important role in the Czech national movement and is nowadays a national monument.

On the top of the mountain there is a Romanesque chapel from the 12th century dedicated to St. George and St. Adalbert. It is - like the mountain - owned by the Roudnice line of the Lobkowicz princely house. Nearby, the Boumová chata chalet offers food and drinks.

In nearby Roudnice nad Labem there is the Museum of the Říp region, where you can learn many interesting facts about the mountain and the Lobkowicz family.

The Říp has a very high content of the mineral magnetite, which leads to a magnetic anomaly.


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Snack bar on the summit


The path to the summit is relatively steep. Around the mountain Říp there are several starting points for a hike to the summit.

The usual path starts in Rovné, north of the mountain. The bus stop in the village is served only once a day in the morning on weekdays. From the nearest bus stop "Krabčice, Rovné, rozc.1.0" directions_railway directions_bus it is about 2,5 km to the top.
It is similarly far from the east from the railway station Ctiněves directions_railway directions_bus or the bus stop "Ctiněves, ž" directions_railway directions_bus.
It is a little further from southern direction from the bus stops "Mnetěš" directions_railway directions_bus or "Vražkov" directions_railway directions_bus (rarely served).
There are also railway stations in "Mnetěš" directions_railway directions_bus or "Vražkov" directions_railway directions_bus, from which the path to the top is about 700 m further in each case.

Those who come by car can park directly at the foot of the mountain in Rovné.

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