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Vlčí hora

Lookout tower with a panoramic view of the entire border region from Kahleberg to the Zittau Mountains

On the 581 m high Vlčí Hora (German Wolfsberg) there is an lookout tower. It was built in 1888-1889. From its platform you have a great panoramic view over the surrounding hills of the Schluckenauer Zipfel into the Lusatian Mountains and Zittau Mountains, to the Jeschken near Liberec and the Jizera Mountains, in good visibility also to the Giant Mountains, the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, the Bohemian Central Mountains and the Ore Mountains.

The Vlčí hora is located about one kilometre northeast of the Lusatian Fault in the Lusatian granite area. The crest is formed by a nepheline feldspar basalt, which causes a strong deviation of the compass needle (up to 40°) due to its high magnetite content.

The Vlčí hora is also a station of the Köglerova naučná stezka (Kögler's Nature Trail), a 23 km long nature trail through the surroundings of Krásná Lípa.


Brtníky 254
407 60 Staré Křečany


Tel: +420 412 334 911



Opening hours

May - September
daily 9 am - 5 pm

October - April
Sat, Sun 9 am - 3:30 pm


adults 20 Kč

children 8 Kč


The traditional mountain hut next to the tower is unfortunately privately owned today.


The mountain top can be reached from different directions.

From the railway station "Panský" directions_railway directions_bus in the north it is about 1.4 km to the top. However, the railway station is served only on weekends.

From the south-east you can reach the summit from the railway station "Zahrady" directions_railway directions_bus (also served on weekends only) after about 2 km walk.

From the south it is a little bit closer with 1,1 km or 1,4 km from the bus stops "Krásná Lípa, Vlčí Hora" directions_railway directions_bus or "Krásná Lípa, Vlčí Hora, VÚ" directions_railway directions_bus.

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