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Historic railway station Edle Krone

Architecturally unique railway station with small exhibition

The so-called Tharandter Ramp is considered one of the steepest sections on a main line of the Deutsche Bahn. The Edle Krone train station is located about halfway in the middle, the name of which goes back to a miners' settlement that only had a few houses at the time. The station building, which was inaugurated in 1907 and is a listed building, is an architectural gem. Built in the style of a log house, it takes up the motif of a horse-drawn horse, i.e. a power machine powered by muscle, water, wind or steam power.

Today, the area and building are filled with life again by the Edle Krone support association as a rest stop and meeting place for hikers. An association takes care of the building and a small railway museum in it. An exhibition on the history of the Tharandter ramp can be seen in the former service room. He is also committed to making already forgotten hiking trails accessible and signposting and holds lectures on railway history.

From Edle Krone you can follow the hiking trails to places like Dorfhain, Höckendorf, Tharandt and Rabenau.

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Edle Krone Bahnhof
01774 Klingenberg

Opening hours

Open on various occasions and events, see the association's website


Free of charge

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Presentations are held regularly and lectures on railway history can be arranged for groups.


Edle Krone can be reached by train from Dresden or Freiberg every hour in a few minutes, on weekdays at peak times also every half hour.

It is possible to arrive by car , but there are hardly any parking spaces.

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