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Forest theme park Waldhusche Hinterhermsdorf

Several short nature trails on forest topics

Map of Waldhusche Hinterhermsdorf (© <a href='' target='_blank'>Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz</a>)The Waldhusche in the Hintere Sächsische Schweiz is a 66 ha large open-air area of forest history. Children and adults can experience the history of forest management and the natural processes in the forest on 4 interconnected theme paths and at more than 40 stations. The site is freely accessible all year round. The main entrance to the Waldhusche is located at the car park at the Buchenparkhalle. Some of the paths are also suitable for wheelchair users.

What does "Waldhusche" actually mean? In the past, "Husche" was the term used by foresters to describe a slide made of logs on which the felled logs "scurried" down from the mountain slopes into the valley.

The national park service offers guided hikes "On the way with the national park district leader - first-hand forest experience" through the "Waldhusche" (approx. 2 hours).


Buchenstraße 11
01855 Sebnitz


Tel: +49 35974 55166

Tel: +49 173 3796451


Opening hours

all year 24/7


Guided tours (after reservation by telephone)


The bus stop "Hoffnung, Hinterhermsdorf" directions_railway directions_bus is only 300 m away from the northwest entrance "Wildzaun".

A large number of parking spaces are available at the Buchenparkhalle.

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