Euroregion Elbe/Labe

Weifberg lookout tower

37 m high lookout tower near the border

The lookout tower on the 477.8 metre high Weifberg is a popular destination for visitors to the Hintere Sächsische Schweiz. When the visibility is good, the hiker can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view from the viewing platform over the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Lusatian and Bohemian Highlands and the Eastern Ore Mountains.

The tower is 36.9 metres high and has a diameter of 6.4 metres. The roof of the tower is octagonal. The viewing platform is 32.4 metres high and is therefore about 510 metres above sea level. On 10 stairway sections, one climbs over 173 steps in order to get to the observation deck.

The special attraction of the view from Weifberg is the alternation between the rock formations of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in front of the crest of the Eastern Ergebirge and the cone mountains of the Bohemian Central Mountains and the Kreibitz Mountains.
From the Lusatian Mountains greets the Czorneboh in the north, the Water Tower in the northeast, the Bismarck Tower near Neugersdorf and the Lausche in the east. Behind it, between the Wolfsbergspitze and the Lausche, on a clear day we can see the Isergebirge and the Riesengebirge in the east. To the right of the Lausche even the transmission mast of the Jeschken is to be seen. In the southeast, the Kreibitz Mountains join, where the Tannenberg and the Kaltenberg dominate. In the south the mighty Rosenberg appears.



Nixdorfer Straße
01855 Sebnitz


From the bus stop "Erbgericht, Hinterhermsdorf" directions_railway directions_bus it is 1,5 km to the tower. The ascent is moderate.

There is a large parking lot right next to the bus stop.