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Frauenstein castle ruin

Castle ruins visible from afar, above the beautiful town of Frauenstein.

The ruins of Frauenstein Castle are located on a 680-metre high granite porphyry rock on the crest of the Eastern Erzgebirge. Thanks to this location, the castle can be seen from afar as a prominent point, looking from different directions.

It was built around 1200. It was inhabited until 1588 and even besieged in 1438. Traces of the siege can still be found in the form of walled in cannonballs. Heinrich von Schönberg was the last to hold court in the castle. In 1585, he had the adjacent castle built in only three years to provide more comfort and moved there with his family. After that the castle decayed with time, a fire destroyed the roofs and the castle became a ruin.

Today it is considered the most beautiful and largest castle ruin in Saxony and offers a romantic flair. Since 2010 you can make a covenant for life at the castle.

The castle belong attached to the Gottfried Silbermann Museum and are accessible during its opening hours in the summer months.


Am Schloss 3
09623 Frauenstein

Opening hours

May - October
Tue - Sun: 10 am - 4 pm
and after arrangement



The bus stop "Markt, Frauenstein" directions_railway directions_bus is located 250 m away at the market.

Parking spaces are also available there.

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